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Mission Statement

The main task of the Insitute for Medical Biometry and Statistics of the Medical Center- University of Freiburg is the application and development of statistical methodology for all areas of fundamental and patient-orientated medical research in the framework of the overall concept of the Medical Center - University of Freiburg (german only). Cooperating with the relevant medical fields, the institute supports the appropriate interpretation of research results by providing accurate planning, precise collection and preparation of required data and adequate statistical analysis.

The institute supports the transfer of existing knowledge into medical practice and thus contributes to the continuious improvement of patient care in the university hospital and beyond.


The main research priorities and topics of the institute are decided in consensus by the institute’s researchers. The guidelines on safeguarding good scientific practice adopted by the senate of the University of Freiburg are strictly followed. These include the independent validation, representation and interpretation of all research results.

Fundamental to our work are are the requirements of our sponsors (i.e., grant providing institutions), our cooperating research partners, and the users of our services, in particular our students. We regularly survey the satisfaction of our users and use the results to further develop and improve our services.