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EU Project - IMPLEMENT Implementing Strategic Bundles for Infection Prevention & Management

Duration: April 2010 - March 2012

Principal Investigator:  

Prof. Dr. Uwe Frank

(Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Freiburg University Medical Center)


Martin Schumacher (IMBI), 

Martin Wolkewitz (IMBI)

All project members can be found here



  • Identification of current hospital and countryspecific implementation strategies for prevention and management of CVLI and VAP as well as for antimicrobial chemotherapy (ABC) in European hospitals

  • Development of an optimal implementation strategy adapted to specific influencing factors

  • Pilot-testing of the implementation strategy in different European hospitals

  • Improving the implementation and adoption of bundled strategies to reduce HAIs and AMR in European hospitals

  • Providing valid information for stakeholders, i.e. politicians, policy-makers and public health experts

  • Synthesis and promotion of interventional strategies as an important tool for public health action


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