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Organization project

Coordination and information

Principal investigator: Prof. Dr. Martin Schumacher (IMBI)

Staff members: Prof. Dr. Martin Schumacher (IMBI), Arthur Allignol (M.Sc., IMBI), Dr. rer. nat. Jan Beyersmann (IMBI), Dipl. Stat. Susanne Stampf (IMBI), Dipl.-Päd. Regina Gsellinger, David Durian (SHK,, +49 (0)761 203 6657),  Dipl. Math. Nadine Grambauer (IMBI)



The coordination project will link all projects together by coordinating the different projects and by providing them with the necessary “infrastructure” for successful collaboration.
Coordination between projects will take place by organization of monthly meetings and regular workshops within the research unit, by invitation of external speakers relevant to treated topics and by central administration of visited conferences and workshops. Together with secretarial duties, this forms the organizational backbone of the research unit.
For project interaction, a common platform for data and software applications is necessary. Since many projects will utilize the same data, and all of them the same statistical software packages, the coordination project will centrally carry out the documentation, management and administration of data as well as programming common software tasks needed in several projects. Since the coordination project carries out preparatory work for the different projects, it is able to keep an overview and to advise projects on possible procedures.
However, the role of the project does not only consist of these organizational and supporting duties. It can bee seen as the central node of the research network ensuring that project work does not drift apart, that communication and cooperation takes places and that single projects profit from each other.



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