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Regression Models as a Tool in Medical Research - Data sets

From this page you can download all data sets used in the book "Regression Models as a Tool in Medical Research".

Note that all data sets have been saved with the "saveold" command in Stata. They can be read with any version of Stata starting with Stata 8.


allergy1.dta   allergy2.dta   allergy3.dta   ami.dta

backpain.dta   backpainx.dta   bodyfat.dta   breast.dta   breastx.dta

calcium.dta   calciumfull.dta

gliom.dta   GPexp.dta   GPprevAD.dta

hamilton.dta   hb.dta   healthintheyoung.dta   hiaa.dta   hyper.dta


partinassess.dta   pcaexample.dta   phyact.dta   predictexample.dta

radiation.dta   riskscoreexample.dta


toxic.dta   toxic2.dta

vitaminB.dta   vocabulary.dta   vocabularyall.dta   vocgrowth.dta   vocgrowthall.dta   vomiting.dta