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If you come across any error in our book please feel free to get in touch with us. Errors will then be published on this page.

Errata list
Page Comment
p. 24 "round(c(zscore, 2*pnorm(abs(zscore), lower.tail=FALSE" should
read "round(c(zscore, 2*pnorm(abs(zscore), lower.tail=FALSE)), 4)"
p. 75 Correct variance in equation (3.30): 1 / sum(1 / varPeto_k) instead of 1 / (1 / sum(varPeto_k))
p. 89 no hat for variance sigma_{gk} in equation (4.1)
p. 100 "Q=16.79, 1 degree of freedom" should read "Q=16.79, 8 degrees of freedom"
p. 180 In equation (7.13), a plus sign is missing after "(K-1)Ip"
p. 196, footnote R function pairwise() has been added to R package netmeta, not meta
p. 248 Missing entry in Index: Hartung-Knapp method 37-38