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Medical Data Science


„Medical Data Science“ combines a variety of topics and methods from medical informatics and data processing.

Our main research interests in the team Medical Data Science/Medical Informatics are:

  • Medical documentation
  • Medical terminology for machine processing
  • Architecture of classification-, terminology- and ontology systems
  • computer-aided learning modules and methods


In this highly interdisciplinary and international field we are working hand in hand with scientists from biology, medicine, informatics, analytical philosophy, linguistics, education science and biometry. We deal with the processing of medicine-related data, information and knowledge. We use information technology methods in order to support patient care, research and education.







PD Dr. med. Martin Boeker

Tel.: 0761 203-6700
Raum Nr.: 00-016

Administration Office

Monika Richards

Tel.: 0761 203-6721
Fax: 0761 203-6711
Mon - Thu. 9.15 - 13.30
Room Nr.: 00-003

Postal Address

Medical Data Science
Institute of Medical Biometry and Statistics
Medical Center-University of Freiburg
Stefan-Meier-Straße 26
79104 Freiburg


Johanna Andrae

Research Scientist MIRACUM
Study Registry

Marco Blum

Data Integration Center


Dr. Hanna Hasseblatt

Research Scientist
Project Management MIRACUM


Dr. Ing. Petar Horki

Research Scientist MIRACUM
Implementation of Data Integration Center

Nikolas Kampel

Research Scientist GAP

Saskia Kiefer

Research Scientist MIRACUM

Inge Landerer

Medical Documentation MIRACUM

Oliver Pfeiffer

Medical Documentation MIRACUM

Susanne Zabka

Research Scientist MIRACUM

Dr. Dr. Victor Zharavin

Research Scientist MIRACUM
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