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Clinical Epidemiology

Clinical Epidemiology – The Freiburg perspective


We contribute to a better understanding and use of the logical foundations in the interplay between the promises, needs and limitations of medical research on the one side and the use of empirical approaches and statistical methods on the other side.

Modes of actions


In our research we systematically investigate the relation between medical research and empirical approaches and statistical methods in general and for specific situations. These investigations aim at a better understanding of these relations and on the identification of methodological deficits, which we then try to solve by adaptation of existing or development of new methods.

Teaching and knowledge dissemination

Clinical epidemiology can contribute to a better understanding and design of processes in medical research. Hence the natural target group of teaching clinical epidemiology is built by (young) medical researchers. Consequently, we focus in our teaching on post graduate education and life long learning.

The knowledge and methods of clinical epidemiology are also relevant for policy decision making as they can help to translate medical research results into an efficient and cost effective health care system. Hence we also participate in the public dissemination process in order to qualify decisions and decision makers.


Medical research has become more and more specific over the last decades, and in many areas there are only few leading groups in the world. Improving the interplay between specialists in quantitative research and medical researchers can hence only proceed in international collaborations. We offer hence our expertise and knowledge to medical researchers in the whole world to serve as consultants or active participants in medical research projects.


Our group along with the Medical Informatics group:


Back row from left to right: Per Berg, Haghish E. Fardzadeh, Martin Boeker, Werner Vach, Christoph Schulthess, Klaus Kaier

Front row from left to right: Friedlinde BühlerMonika Richards, Hong Sun, Maren Kechel, Veronika Reiser, Susanne Weber, Susanne Walter, Edith Motschall

Photo taken in  the absence of Thomas Heister



Prof. Dr. Werner Vach
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Monika Richards
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Times: Mon - Thur, 9.15 a.m. - 1.30 p.m.
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Mailing Address

Working Group Clinical Epidemiology
Department of Medical Biometry and Statistics
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