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Knowledge Translation

Knowledge Translation - toward a better understanding of Methods in Medical Research

Contract period: until 3/2015 , supported by BMBF- Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Project Management: Prof. Dr. Werner Vach, Dr. Gabriele Dreier
Team members: Dr. Izabela Kolankowska

Based on our experiences with a 16 weeks online course “Regression Models as a Tool in Medical Research” as well as on our long year experience in statistical consulting of medical researchers, we were motivated to develop new e-learning courses under the general topic "Knowledge Translation - toward a better understanding of Methods in Medical Research”. The main idea is to support knowledge translation by improving understanding and evaluation of health science research.

We are intending to develop and test two e-learning modules on the topics "Understanding Diagnostic Research" and "Quantitative Methods in Health Services Research," each 5 ECTS credit points. The first course reflects the increasing interest in diagnostic research due to its fundamental role in personalization of medicine as well as its impact on health expenditures.

The second course is dedicated to the specific methodological requirements of studies, which explore everyday health care.

Target groups of both courses are persons with a first university degree who have a basic understanding of the mechanisms and relevance of health sciences research and who want to deepen their knowledge in this area.

The Clinical Trials Unit at the Medical Center - University of Freiburg has been a partner for science and industry for more then 14 years and provides comprehensive professional services for the planning, conducting and analysis of clinical trials and  health sciences.

The Institute of Medical Biometry and Medical Informatics is a nationally and internationally recognized center in the area of ​​methods development and methods implementation in the health sciences.