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Mission Statement and Organization Chart

The Institute for Medical Biometry and Statistics of the University Medical Center Freiburg develops and applies statistical methodology in all areas of basic and patient-oriented medical research. For this the

Mission Statement

of the University Medical Center Freiburg constitutes the framework. In close cooperation with the respective medical disciplines, the Institute contributes to and ensures the proper interpretation of research findings by diligent planning, goal-oriented collection and processing of the required data, as well a custom-tailored statistical analyses.

Furthermore, the Institute facilitates the transfer of newly discovered medical knowledge into medical practice. Herewith, it makes an important contribution to the ongoing process of improving the quality of care for the patients of the University Medical Center Freiburg and beyond.

By teaching the methodological basics of Medical Biometry and Statistics, Medical Data Science and Clinical Epidemiology to medical students and health care professionals, the Institute lays the foundation for standards of evidence-based medicine being applied on the job.

The research topics and priorities are consensually chosen by the involved researchers. The Guidelines for Good Practice in Research that were passed by the Senate of the University are strictly being followed. This includes an independent evaluation, representation and interpretation of the research results.

Basis for our work are the requirements of our third-party contributors, our cooperation partners and the users of our services, especially the students. We regularly survey the customer satisfaction and use that feedback as a basis for the improvement of our services.

Organization Chart of the Institute for Medical Biometry and Statistics.