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Methoden der Modellierung und Bioinformatik in der System-Biomedizin (MSB)

Wir entwickeln und optimieren Methoden zur mathematischen Modellierung und bioinformatischen Analyse in der Systembiologie und Systemmedizin.

Advancing Methodology for Mathematical Modelling, Development of a comprehensive statistical methodology, Enhanced and Tailored Analyses of Omics Data, Application-driven development of new computational approaches and tailored solutions, Modelling of specific Biomedical Processes, Mathematical modelling of dynamic and spatial processes from model organisms to diseases, Benchmarking and Optimal Algorithm Selection, Deriving data-based rules for selection between competing analysis approaches





Clemens Kreutz

Dr. Clemens Kreutz

Development, assessment and improvement of computational and statistical methods

Mathematical modelling, high-throughput/omics data analyses




Lukas Refisch

PhD Student

Mathematical Modelling


Janine Egert

PhD Student

Mathematical Modelling and Proteomics


Eva Brombacher


New PhD Student


Fabian Lorenz


New PhD Student

Tim Litwin

Masters Student

Mathematical Modelling