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Dr. rer. nat. Anika Buchholz

Scientific Assistant Photo - Anika Buchholz 
Phone: ++49 (0)761 NN
Fax: ++49 (0)761 NN
Room no.: NN

Research Interests

  • Model Building
  • Model Selection Uncertainty
  • Time-varying effects


Selected Publications

  • Winzer KJ, Buchholz A, Guski H, Frohberg HD, Diekmann F, Possinger K, Sauerbrei W: Treatment of primary breast cancer at the surgical unit of the Charité 1984-1998. Onkologie, 2013; 36: 727-736.
  • Tinsel I, Buchholz A, Vach W, Siegel A, Dürk T, Buchholz A, Niebling W, Fischer KG: Shared decision-making in antihypertensive therapy: a cluster randomised controlled trial. BMC Fam Pract, 2013; 14 (online): 135.
  • Tinsel I, Buchholz A, Vach W, Siegel A, Durk T, Loh A, Buchholz A, Niebling W, Fischer KG: Implementation of shared decision making by physician training to optimise hypertension treatment. Study protocol of a cluster-RCT. BMC Cardiovasc Disor, 2012; 12 (online): 73.
  • Buchholz A, Sauerbrei W: Comparison of procedures to assess non-linear and time-varying effects in multivariable models for survival data. Biometrical J, 2011; 53: 308-331.
  • Beyersmann J, Latouche A, Buchholz A, Schumacher M: Simulating competing risks data in survival analysis. Stat Med, 2009; 8: 956-971
  • Buchholz A, Holländer N, Sauerbrei W: On properties of predictors derived with a two-step bootstrap model averaging approach—A simulation study in the linear regression model. Comput Stat Data An, 2008; 52: 2778-2793.
  • Sauerbrei W, Holländer N, Buchholz A: Investigation about a screening step in model selection. Stat Comput, 2008; 18: 195-208.


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Short CV

2010 Dr. rer. nat. at the TU Dortmund University, Faculty of Statistics
Since 2010 Biostatistician at the Clinical Trials Unit, University Medical Center Freiburg
Since 2004 Scientific Assistant at the Center for Medical Biometry and Medical Informatics,
Medical Center - University of Freiburg
2004 Diploma in Statistics, University of Dortmund
Diploma thesis: Correspondence analysis and its application to microarray data
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