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Library of the Institute for Medical Biometry and Statistics


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Stefan-Meier-Str. 26
79104 Freiburg

Contact: Edith Motschall
Tel.: 0761 203 6723,
Fax 0761 203 6680

Sigel-No. 25/140 or Frei 140

CURRENT NEWS as of September 2018:

Due to ongoing refurbishment works, the library will not be accessible for the foreseeable future.

Inventory: To search our inventory, please consult the Katalog Plus

Specialty Subjects:
STAT: Biometry, Statistics, Mathematics, Clinical Trials
INF: Informatics, Documentation, Information Sciences
MED: Medicine, Science
GES: Health Care System
LEX: Lexicons, Encyclopaedias, Reference Books
SONS: Miscellaneous
Textbooks Authored by Members of the IMBI

Order of the books in the Library:
Monographs: separated by categories STAT, INF, MED, GES, SONS, LEX. Within the categories in alphabetical order sorted by the first three letters of the last name of the author.
Journals: in alphabetical and chronological order.