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Knowledge Representation and Ontology: Semantic Web for Sciences

In this lecture we provide first insights into diverse ontological knowledge representation formalisms of different semantic expressivity. The most prominent applications of ontologies will be introduced via examples from the biomedical domain. Specificly we will briefly tackle the following topics:

  • Roots of the term ‘Ontology’
  • Basic compounds of ontologies
  • Ontology Editors (Protégé)
  • Ontological semantics
    • The semantic continuum (of increasing expressivity) in examples
    • Terminologies (SNOMED)
    • Controlled Vocabularies (MSI Standards)
    • Thesauri (UMLS)
    • Ontologies (GO, FMA, UMLS Metathesaurus)
    • Ontologies in description logics (DCO, OBI)
  • Ontological Syntax
    • 'Semantic Web Stack’
    • Owl, Obo,
  • Classes vs. Instances
  • Reference terminologies and the metaterminological blur
  • Top level Ontologies (BioTop, DOLCE, SUMO, BFO, ro, …)
  • Ontology engineering methods
  • Ontology metadata formats (Dublin Core, Skos, …)
  • Ontologie-Portals and libraries (NCBO BioPortal, OBO-Foundry, OLS)
  • Ontology visualisations (Graph-based, text-based)
  • Ontological querying with SPARQL
  • Applications and examples
    • Ontological data annotation: Semantic Web
    • Format exchange syntax
    • Decision Support
    • Reasoning models (Logic-based, rule-based and probablistic reasoning)
    • Simulations
    • Minimal Journal Reporting Requirements (e.g. MIBBI - Minimum Information for Biological and Biomedical Investigations)


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