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Teaching at the Institute of Medical Biometry and Statistics

According to the mission statement of the institute and the principles of evidence-based medicine, we teach students of human medicine the methodical principles of medical biometry and clinical epidemiology, which are fundamental prerequisites needed to implement scientific results into medical practice . This concerns, in particular, the knowledge and skills necessary for the critical evaluation and interpretation of the results of clinical and epidemiological studies. Of main concern are problems with practical relevance, such as the quantification of health risks, the evaluation of diagnostic methods or the evaluation of therapeutic arrangements. The potential as well as limits of how different types of studies contribute to scientific knowledge are explained using studies investigating important clinical and epidemiological problems. We aim to impart an intuitive understanding of statistical principles and methods, consciously forgoing extensive systematic and formal explanations.

In addition, the institute offers several other courses addressing students of molecular medicine, mathematics and computer science as well as other areas of natural sciences. These courses focus on statistical models and methods addressing problems in all areas of biomedical research. Further education courses for evidence-based medicine (EbM) are organized by Cochrane Germany.

Most lectures at the department are held in German, thus the following pages containing more information about the lectures are available in German only (exception: courses in biostatistics).